Yoga, Paparazzi, and day 2 of failure.

First.. Second verse.. same as the first. Every attempt FAIL. Which is really irritating me.. I AM Miss. Good Deed doer. Maybe I should stop trying. Then it will come back to me.

B… Had a rough day. A REALLY rough day. So I tried to hit the gym to get the irritation and stress out..twice! Met with my trainer this morning.. she rocks. She is going to try to kill me, I swear it. So tonight I went for easy.. tried out a yoga class. All that peace, loving, calmness, easy going, Namaste stuff..  It looks so serene and flowy and simple. H A H ! Looks are so deceiving. So very very deceiving! I got schooled.. in a bad way.  I hurt in places I didn’t know I had places. And I just “thought” I was flexible and could move fast. I would be H. O. T.  “HOT” doing yoga.. Mary Catherine Guy??  No.. more like Mary Catherine Gallagher! I know I must have looked like I was in the middle of an SNL skit. I certainly felt like it!  I obviously NEED this class worse than I thought, and for very different reasons. I Will be returning. I will show up the 80 year old who had no trouble dogging down and being a pelican .. or whatever. I can be a pigeon too! You just wait and see. So after Yoga, I took it easy on the treadmill and bike for a bit! I no longer see them as challenges. yay.. Thanks Yoga! You are my new vendetta!

And then.. I have always said, I have no desire to be famous. And I have even less of a desire for my children to be. “What is wrong with people?” I know that’s a huge open ended question there. But I will narrow it down today.. “Paparazzi.”  “When will they stop?” I see so many asking this question. I actually have an answer to this. It’s quite simple. As soon as YOU PEOPLE, yes YOU! YOU.. the ones who keep asking this question,  stop buying mag rags and hitting on websites that carry the trash. Simple as that. I’ll put it this way.. and as harsh as it will sound.. it is very very true. Next time you click on a celeb gossip site or purchase a mag rag, next celebrity that dies.. (or in this case a paparazzi.. or what next time might be a completely innocent civilian, or someone you know and love) will be just as much your fault.  Stop it. Now. Quit it. Don’t listen to Dj’s who do stupid stunts, dont read mag rags and dont click on gossip sites. The end. None of it’s true anyway. Was Justin’s car really that important? Really? I haven’t heard what happened to the passengers in the victims car, but I truly hope they are ok, and I hope they sue the hell out of the rag that this guy worked for. I pray for all involved and hope that this tragedy will finally open some eyes and someone, somewhere will do something to stop this insanity before anyone else gets hurt or killed.


And almost right off the back, trying to get this pic! lol

Getting my run on! …And almost right off the back, trying to get this pic! lol I don’t need paparazzi.. I will just take out myself trying to get a pic! :/

Yep.. she showed me up too.

My beautiful yoga baby. Yep.. she showed me up too.




First, b, and then..

First.. not really in the mood for this. But I am going to do it. Because I told myself I was. So here goes. (note.. I was supposed to do this on the first, but actually posting it on the second, along with the second, but,  like I did it on the first..  so just pretend you don’t know that.. k thanks.)

B… Looking back on Twenty Twelve, …… it was a great year.  Just going to savor that……. The end.

And then… I started off a couple of weeks ago with a mission,  spawned by an idea my sister-in-law presented on Facebook. 26Acts . I created a group on Facebook and set out January first with all intentions of doing some good deeds! I first started off intending on paying for 5-10 peoples joining fee at the gym for those who walked in behind me. No-one showed up. Not a single person. None. Nada! It’s January first people!! Where are the resolutions?!  No fear.. I had a backup plan! I was going to then pay for the person behind me in line at Hobby Lobby.. But, I was last in line as the store closed at 5:30 instead if its usual 8pm. ( I was actually still shopping with intentions of spending more than I did when the horrible person made the announcement of the early closing.)  Then,  I was headed over to my aunts to repair her computer. I do this often. So yay.. here is my good deed.  For the first time, she offers me payment. What What? That’s not me doing a good deed. That’s me doing a  job and getting paid! her good deed, ruined mine! (But I appreciated it very much.) She refused to take no for an answer.  I cant seem to  do a good deed today. But not for the lack of trying.

So I went home and had the last piece of cheesecake.

There is always tomorrow.

I have my cake and ate it too!